I'm a Catholic homeschooling mama of seven kids. Four are adults now, and living at various stages of life out of the house. Two of my adult daughters are getting married this year. Here's where I'll be hanging out my laundry, gaining perspective, and, down the road, have something to remember all the wooshing days.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Forty Days

Polly's wedding is forty days away.  People keep asking me if I'm all stressed out.
Busy, yes.  Not as busy as Polly, though!
But not stressed out.

If I thought she was marrying somebody who didn't adore her, couldn't take care of her, wouldn't sacrifice himself for her...I would be stressed out.

But that is not the case.  If the car breaks down, if the power goes out, if my nylons get a run in them on the day of the wedding - well.  She's marrying a man who is good and who loves God.

In the order of a good celebration to start off marriage, of course we want everything to be lovely.

In the order of salvation, dinner, decorations, nylons, the perfect outfit.
Pale in comparison.

I'm a little stressed out about mascara.  And how it runs down my face when I cry.


  1. Waterproof mascara, voila! Just don't forget to buy the remover to go with it.

  2. AARGH. It doesn't work on me. I've tried brand and brand and no voila!