I'm a Catholic homeschooling mama of seven kids. Four are adults now, and living at various stages of life out of the house. Two of my adult daughters are getting married this year. Here's where I'll be hanging out my laundry, gaining perspective, and, down the road, have something to remember all the wooshing days.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shower Day

Today is bridal shower day.  Oldest sister Breann hosts a bridal shower for her two sisters, Lucy and Mary, today at our house.  Friends and relatives will be joining us this afternoon to shower their love and attention on the brides!

I'll post some photos at the end of the day...

Apparently, although "showers" have a somewhat obscure history, they grew out of the idea of a dowry, that a bride has something to bring into the marriage.  Sometime in the 1890's, a hostess holding a pre wedding party for a bride, filled a parasol with tiny gifts, held it upside over the bride's head, turned it over and literally showered her with gifts!

The idea caught on, the gifts got bigger, the name stuck.  

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