I'm a Catholic homeschooling mama of seven kids. Four are adults now, and living at various stages of life out of the house. Two of my adult daughters are getting married this year. Here's where I'll be hanging out my laundry, gaining perspective, and, down the road, have something to remember all the wooshing days.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I love you, mom.

In the last six days, my family and I have nurtured and cherished the woman who gave us life and who nurtured and cherished us.

I lost my mom today.  

She was my mom first, but my mentor and my friend.
We shared so much.
She had a beautiful death, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, peaceful and comfortable.

We've laughed and cried many times today, stunned by the sudden loss of mom, and overwhelmed at who she was and what she gave.  

I wish you could have met my mom.  You would love her. 

What does this have to do with weddings?  I'll tell you what.  Fifty five years of marriage.  A marriage that we should all be striving for.  

A love story.

A love story that doesn't end today.  A love story that transcends mortality.  A love story, like any good story - has its low points and high points and, today, its deep and painful ache.  

I am part of their love story.  Today is part of the love story.

Our children are part of their love story. 

Next week, we have a wedding, the next step in the eternal love story. 

Joy and grief often play out together.  
For us, right now, in a crescendo.

"Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, or thorns compose so rich a crown?"


  1. So very sorry for your loss. You and the family will be in my prayers.

  2. Thank you, Sarah. Please check on Isaac for me.

  3. Fifty-five years is so beautiful. My continued prayers for you whole family.