I'm a Catholic homeschooling mama of seven kids. Four are adults now, and living at various stages of life out of the house. Two of my adult daughters are getting married this year. Here's where I'll be hanging out my laundry, gaining perspective, and, down the road, have something to remember all the wooshing days.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Calendar Edition

Thought you all would like to have a look at the next week.  For fun.
We leave Monday for Ontario.  Meet one fiance's parents in Ottawa on Tuesday.
Meet another fiance's parents in Barry's Bay on Wednesday.
Pick up flowers on Thursday in Arnprior.
Make wedding bouquets, corsages, boutannieres on Friday.
Do some emceeing on Saturday.
Fly home on Sunday.  
I know you can't read my writing (click here for some previously published thoughts on the state of my penmanship), but just look at all the words! Surely anyone with that much stuff on the calendar shouldn't have to worry about legibility... that's a lot of stuff!

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