I'm a Catholic homeschooling mama of seven kids. Four are adults now, and living at various stages of life out of the house. Two of my adult daughters are getting married this year. Here's where I'll be hanging out my laundry, gaining perspective, and, down the road, have something to remember all the wooshing days.

Friday, April 3, 2015


The word passion is derived from Latin, meaning to suffer or endure.  Here, on Good Friday as we celebrate the culmination of Christ's suffering and passion we observe the full impact of the meaning of his passion...he suffered.  He endured.

For our sake.

It begs the question, however, what meaning we share with Christ's passion when we use the word passion in the context of married love.  To SUFFER?  To ENDURE?  Not what most of us bargained for.

Passion has come to be understood in common language as strong emotion or feeling.

Both meanings of passion, I think, are fundamental to married love.

Passion towards our spouse, both ardour AND frustration, are daily, healthy, normal and REAL aspects of marriage and family relationships.

And yet, we do...suffer...endure.  No relationship that we value come without suffering and enduring.

It's how we grow.  It's part of the plan.

In Christ's passion he lays down his life for us.  And we, in turn, lay our life down for another.
Our passion.

For their sake.

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